They used to come in three sizes but we have decided that the smallest bears are just too much work for Kim (our wonderful teddy-maker extraordinaire). She has been splitting the yarn into a single before she even starts to knit and then they are very fiddly….so only the medium and large bears now. If you have one they really will be a collectors item! Each teddy is unique and comes with a special certificate and an individual number. Each teddy takes Kim about ten hours to knit!

Photograph courtesy of Hampshire Society

Middle sized teddies: £28

Large teddies: £40

Kim’s latest range includes adorable knitted sheep and tea cosies, which everybody puts straight on their head!


Sheep: £20

A wooly sheep-cosy – what every tea pot needs!

Tea Cosies: £25


 Little bunnies and moles £17 and medium bunny £25

“I saw a caterpillar and it was thiiiiis big”, said Mole to Bunny.


What’s this all about? Veg but no meat….

And a very special Teddy…Kim’s 1000th bear!!