Gotland Sheepskins

Each year a number of natural skins are available as a by-product of the farming journey. They are un-dyed, wonderfully soft and reflect the natural variation in colour and curl of each individual sheep.

These are images of skins I have received back from the tannery in recent batches. Given the unique nature of each skin, please contact me if you’d like to see what I have in stock at this time. I prefer to sell directly to people who can see and feel them but feel free to get in touch even if you can’t get down here as I might be able to arrange for you to see them somewhere else or I will send out on sale or return. Prices from £150.

Current stock – December 2020

The tannery – Devonia – returned the skins that I dropped off in September amazingly quickly! I have 11 lovely skins here now. They all have a fairly short curl in various shades of grey. I have more than 10 at the tannery with much longer wool but don’t expect them back until Summer 2021. There is always a risk with long wool skins that they may not get through the tanning process without the wool becoming felted, so I just have to make sure I send them in perfect condition and keep fingers crossed!