My aim is to farm as sustainably as I can, which includes using as much of the animal as possible. The shearer visits twice a year, with the whole flock being sheared in the Spring and the lambs sheared for the 1st time in the Autumn producing gorgeous soft lambs wool and this is what I sort into 3 different shades of grey and have spun into yarn of different weights. From this yarn a range of beautiful products such as blankets and scarves, hats gloves and delightful knitted and crocheted toys are made by me and some amazing friends. The wool from the older animals is processed by me and woven into cushions and mats on a peg loom. The sheep skins are treated at the tannery in Buckfastleigh and I also sell the meat.

I am a New Forest Marque producer, an accreditation awarded to me because my products have been reared and produced within the New Forest. Purchasing New Forest Marque products is a way to shop local and support the local community.