Staying on the farm

You can now stay on the farm in the comfort of this beautifully renovated 1940’s caravan. It’s been lovingly restored to retain as much of the existing structure as possible and it now has moved to it’s new home in the Orchard.

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Inside it is wonderfully simple, with a double bed, seating and a log fire for colder evenings. It has electricity and there is a modified popaloo just behind. The shower in the main house can be used and there is also a fridge and basic cooking facilities available.

Staying in the van would be ideal for cyclists who would like to stop off somewhere overnight or anybody looking for a peaceful stay in the New Forest. It would probably also be possible for anyone visiting with horses to have a field available for overnight grazing.


We are just starting to rent out the caravan and so are offering an introductory price to stay of £50 per night. If you’d like to find out more or enquire about making a reservation, please contact